• Have you always wanted to be a model, photographer, film-maker, actor, makeup artist, hairstylist, graphic designer or fashion designer?
  • Do you have an excellent idea for a movie or web-series, but no idea how to get it produced?
  • Do you have a great new concept for a magazine, but no idea how to start?
  • Are you naturally gifted at beautifying people, places, or making wardrobe suggestions but have not knowledge of how to get paid doing it?
We can and will help you get into the lucrative opportunities in the arts and entertainment media industry.
Given advancements in media and social network marketing, there are countless ways you can package yourself and develop healthy income from marketing your ideas and talents without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars going to schools and going into debt with student loans.
Cultivate your creativity…
    Build your own business…
         Brand your talent…
              Learn insider industry secrets…
                   Network with top professionals…
                        Diversify your income stream…
ACADEMEDIA narrows the gap between you pursuing your dreams of being a money-making professional with the arts and entertainment industry.
A class by class or membership basis, ACADEMEDIA connects you to top industry professionals who are willing to share with you the secrets of their success, offer internships, give you real hands on experience and the know how to do it for yourself in the following areas:
  1. Modeling
  2. Photography
  3. Beauty Makeup/Hair/Styling
  4. Film-making
  5. Music
  6. Fashion Design
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Fine Arts
Contact a division director or career coach in your area to give you details on how you can be a member or attend a class or seminar for ACADEMEDIA.