• Have you always wanted to be a model, photographer, film-maker, actor, makeup artist, hairstylist, graphic designer or fashion designer?
  • Do you have an excellent idea for a movie or web-series, but no idea how to get it produced?
  • Do you have a great new concept for a magazine, but no idea how to start?
  • Are you naturally gifted at beautifying people, places, or making wardrobe suggestions but have not knowledge of how to get paid doing it?
We can and will help you get into the lucrative opportunities in the arts and entertainment media industry.
Given advancements in media and social network marketing, there are countless ways you can package yourself and develop healthy income from marketing your ideas and talents without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars going to schools and going into debt with student loans.
Cultivate your creativity…
    Build your own business…
         Brand your talent…
              Learn insider industry secrets…
                   Network with top professionals…
                        Diversify your income stream…
ACADEMEDIA narrows the gap between you pursuing your dreams of being a money-making professional with the arts and entertainment industry.
A class by class or membership basis, ACADEMEDIA connects you to top industry professionals who are willing to share with you the secrets of their success, offer internships, give you real hands on experience and the know how to do it for yourself in the following areas:
  1. Modeling
  2. Photography
  3. Beauty Makeup/Hair/Styling
  4. Film-making
  5. Music
  6. Fashion Design
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Fine Arts
Contact a division director or career coach in your area to give you details on how you can be a member or attend a class or seminar for ACADEMEDIA.
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ACADEMEDIA ARTS teaches you not only how to be a model but also what the industry expects, the difference between being signed and independent, how to build the different genres of modeling, photographers and creative teams, the winning contract, avoiding scams, essentials of the runway and professional presentation.

We offer group workshops and individual classes.  You will hear from professionals who are currently working in the industry.  Take your dreams to the professional level.  Check the calendar to see when an ACADEMEDIA class will be happening near you.

– Individual attention from a working professional.
– 4 week program
Click here to register for your personal training course.
What you will learn:
– The different types of modeling and how to find your niche.
– Headshots will be taken
– How to walk the runway
– How to pose
– How to market yourself
– Self love and respect
– How to maintain your “money maker”
Click here to reserve your seat.
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Picking up the camera is only the beginning.  ACADEMEDIA ARTS teaches the necessary elements of good photo composition, the rules of photography and how to break them, location scouting, talent selection and procurement, photography in the digital age, marketing and price points, how to work with creatives (hair, makeup, stylists, art directors), how to market and brand yourself, submitting to magazines, galleries, art exhibits, and getting published, experimentation and defining your own style.
Learn the art of photography from our photography instructors. Each photographer has several years experience in the field and are currently working professionals who can give you the short cut on how to make a career out of doing something that you love.Our group courses walk you through the basics that every must know in order to make a profession out of photography. Group sessions are $45/person*. Click here to reserve your seat.
– How to use manual settings
– Lighting
– Angles
– Lighting setup
– Client contracts and agreements
– Branding
– MarketingPersonalized sessions are available for $125 per 1 hr. Click here to register now.
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There are no limits to the number of ways that anyone can make a living from doing the things that they love.

FASHION STYLISTS can make anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per day as a professional on major projects.  Movies, television shows, political interviews, corporate uniforms, they all need stylists.

ART DIRECTORS, in 2014, made an average annual wage of $97,850 according to USNEWS.com.  This market has not yet been saturated and there is a real need for art directors in all media and advertising platforms today.

ACADEMEDIA will give you real life experience on how to be a stylist and art director, show you the ins and outs of the profession from our working professionals, and provide you with the tools needed to start your career.

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Film 2Film production is certainly one of the more attractive arts today, with major box-office movies pulling in over $1 Billion in sales, music videos getting several hundred views on YouTube, a
nd major corporations paying top dollar for having advertisements ready in time for the Super Bowl.
Film is a 2 part art: the visual aspect and the audible aspect. Any film that is lacking in one or both of these aspects will be labeled as sub-par. ACADEMEDIA emphasizes the importance of both the visual and Filmaudible arts when it comes to film, breaking down the essentials into easy to understand concepts that can be applied immediately.

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rawfitting-styling-fashion-costumes-props-requisites-wardrobe-clothes-hamburg-20150616_0130044c8a7ee0c66fbdeb19f18c55a17d61NL RUNWAY 1
Fashion trends are ever-changing, with the coming, going, and recycling of looks and seasons demands.  Learn how to take YOUR IDEAS and make them COME TO LIFE.  Expert designers and seamstresses will teach you basic/intermediary/advanced sewing skills, sewing machine & tool essentials.  This course is intended for teens and adults.